National Substance Use Prevention Week

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NACADA in collaboration with stakeholders in alcohol and drug abuse prevention shall host the first multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral Best Practice and National Drug Use Prevention week to be held from 19th - 23rd February 2024 across the country.

National substance use prevention week promotes the nation we want to see – people and communities safe and healthy free from the ill effects of alcohol and drug use. A week to celebrate the majority who do not use alcohol or other drugs – abstainers and those in recovery.

Our Families. Our Schools. Our Workplaces. Our Community: A sustainable future for Humanity

NACADA is convinced that, only with a healthy society free from alcohol and drug abuse, will our country achieve its development agenda. In recognition of the fact that prevention is better than cure, we need to tell and celebrate the stories of those who have resisted drug use, those in recovery from drug abuse and those who do the work of prevention.

We aim to:

  • Raise awareness about the importance of prevention of alcohol and substance use and misuse of prescription medicines;
  • Foster partnerships and collaborations between state and non-state agencies in promoting prevention strategies;
  • Celebrate people and community stories of prevention; 
  • Promote and disseminate evidence-based resources and publications; and 
  • Reframe the narrative around Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs including non-medical use of prescription drugs.

There will be lots happening that week and we encourage YOU to also organize your own activity to celebrate Substance Use Prevention Week. Some of what will be happening:

  • Community outreach
  • Webinars 
  • Media placements
  • Local radio talk shows
  • Online engagements/discussions
  • Two-day forum with various seminars

Would you like to organize a celebration in your organization or workplace, community, university/college or school? Click on the Get invloved tab to read more on how to get involved!

There are many ways to get involved in National Prevention Week. When you participate, you join the nationwide effort to prevent alcohol abuse and substance misuse, show others that prevention works, all while supporting the health and well-being of your community. No matter how you choose to participate, what matters most is that you DO participate!

Organizations and individuals can participate in National Prevention Week in a few different ways. See below for some ideas about how to get involved.


Share Your #MyPreventionStory #StoriYangu

#MyPreventionStory captures the different prevention experiences and stories. We want to grow this online conversation to reinforce the importance of prevention and celebrate all that it has to offer! Share your unique perspective by using the #MyPreventionStory #StoriYangu hashtag across social media.

Host a Community Event

During National Prevention Week and year-round, consider hosting health fairs, alcohol and drug free street parties, educational assemblies, town hall meetings, memorial walks, social media campaigns, outdoor events, painting a mural and more. These community events help raise awareness about the importance of preventing alcohol in a fun and engaging way. 

Share about your event

Whatever event you choose for Substance Use Prevention Week, shout about it so more people can know. Use local and national media to publicize and take advantage of social media before, during and after the event. Remember to use the hashtags #PreventionWeek #StoriYangu  #MyPreventionStory

Tell us about your event and we may help promote it. You might even find yourself spotlighted in the National Substance Use Prevention Week Highlights report. Fill this brief form to share details with us. You can also tag us on social media using our handles @NacadaKenya

Follow us on Social media

Stay up-to-date about the latest news, events, and resources by following us on social media. Our handles are @NACADAKenya.


If you are working to raise awareness about the importance of substance use prevention in your community, let us know by sending an email to . National Prevention Week is about uniting NACADA with dedicated individuals, communities, and organizations planning prevention initiatives and using our platform to showcase this ongoing work. We are stronger when we work together and are always looking for opportunities to partner with those on the frontlines of prevention to see where we can elevate future efforts.

#MyPreventionStory is about capturing our collective voices on our prevention experiences whether at home, school, workplace or community. 


How can you share your story? 

Through videos, photographs, artwork, poems and written stories- we want you to share your story in whichever medium feels most authentic to you. 



  • Make a short video of a member of your organization, school, church, workplace sharing a story that demonstrates prevention 
  • Create a visual work of art and share a picture of the finished product and explain its meaning. 



Below is a series of questions that can help inspire #MyPreventionStory ideas.

  • What does prevention and/or recovery mean to you?
  • Why have you never used alcohol or drugs?
  • Why is prevention important?
  • Why did you get involved in prevention?
  • What is the most important thing you would want people to know about prevention and/or recovery?
  • What do you love most about the prevention and/or recovery community?

Send your story to

Submission should be entirely your original work and not be made in another person’s name or with false information. If you are under 18 years you will be considered to have gotten permission from your parent/guardian prior to submitting your prevention story. 

Download consent form here  CLICK HERE


By submitting your story you agree to transfer the rights to NACADA to represent, reproduce, modify and adapt the submissions on any media. NACADA will have the right to use, exploit, modify, publish or merchandise your submission or any part thereof at their own discretion.


Thank You, for sharing your story.

CLICK HERE for advanced registration for the two day summit 22- 23 February 2024.