In achievement of its mandate, NACADA offers various training to our key stakeholders.

The overall goal of drug prevention training is to build prevention capacity on the most effective evidence-based preventive interventions and strategies by applying the key findings reported in the International Standards for Drug Use Prevention to ‘real’ world communities.

NACADA has organized clustered training programs to meet the needs of Prevention implementers as well as those interested in drug prevention.

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NACADA is mandated to provide and facilitate the development and operation of rehabilitation facilities, programs and standards for persons suffering from substance use disorders. Certification of addictions professionals is one step in that direction. The objective is to ensure quality treatment and rehabilitation to persons with substance use disorders by certifying addiction professionals.

The Universal Treatment Curriculum Training is designed to ensure that the Addiction Professionals acquire set competencies and skills thereby complying with the National Standards for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Persons with Substance Use Disorders.

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