Alcoholic Drinks Import and Export Licensing

Requirements for Importation or Export of an Alcoholic Drink

The law (section 7(1) (c) and (d) of the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, No.4 of 2010) requires that for any person to import or export alcoholic drink into the country, a license has to be obtained to enable the same.

Applications are to be filled online on together with the following attendant documents:

1. Attach Certificate of Incorporation if limited liability company, OR Certificate of registration of Business Name.
2. Attach copies of National ID cards or other identification documents of the director(s) of the company or owner of the business name or the individual(if an individual)
3. Attach Company Registration Certificate (form CR 12) in case of a limited liability company
4. Attach KRA PIN and Valid Tax Compliance Certificate
5. A copy of the previous license(if applying for a renewal)
6. For non-residents persons attach the following;
    (a) Identification documents
    (b) Company-investor permit from KENINVEST
    (c) Director/shareholder(s) - resident permits/foreign certificate
    (d) Director/shareholder(s) - work permits
7. Provide your company/business GPS coordinates
8. Attach product profile list with the following information;
    (a) Brand
    (b) Expected annual volumes per brand
    (c) Alcohol content
    (d) Country of origin
    (e) Harmonized Tariff (HS) classification number (Liquor Code)

Upon the submission of the Application Form and attendant document, the Licensing Committee will consider the application and determine whether or not to grant the license.
Thereafter, the applicant shall be informed of the resolution, and if successful, require the payment of the requisite license fees. After payment of the fees, the license shall be issued out to the applicant for a period of 12 months from the date of issue subject to the applicable terms and conditions.