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Research, Policy & Planning

A global shift towards evidence-based approaches in the fight against alcohol, drug and substance abuse necessitates research on diverse aspects within the realm of substance use and abuse. The overall goal of NACADA is to coordinate a multi-sectoral campaign and disseminate fundamental knowledge on prevention, control and mitigation of ADA and related harm in Kenya. It provides leadership on planning and policy formulation, research coordination and strengthening of the national repository on ADA. 


Under this Directorate, NACADA provides accurate and timely data on the status of alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya; supports the formulation of internal and external policies; strengthens the capacity of county governments to develop county ADA plans of action; coordinates the planning monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the implementation of ADA activities; and ensures effective knowledge management for quality service delivery. 

It also strengthens the NACADA Resource Centre to serve as a national repository on ADA research and knowledge


The NACADA Resource Centre is the National Repository of information and knowledge in alcohol and other drugs of abuse serves as the source for pursuit of independent thought, critical attitudes and in-depth information geared towards upholding, strengthening and realizing some of the most fundamental democratic ideas of our society. It facilitates information access by gathering, processing, organizing, storing and facilitating easy access to relevant information in all formats to its actual and potential users/clients.

Membership: The Resource Centre is open and free of charge to both internal clients and the general public.

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 5:00pm. Closed on weekends and public holidays.

For more information, email 

Services provided: Access to information materials such as books, and non-book formats; local dailies, magazines, ADA articles, research reports and journals. It has ample reading area and internet services.

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Surveys, Reports & Policies

  • Primary School Survey 2019
  • Secondary School Survey 2018
  • National Prevalence Survey 2016
  • Report on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Control Status in Kenya – April- Sept, 2013
  • Rapid Situation Assessment of the Status of Drug and Substance Abuse in Kenya – 2012
  • Report of the National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Conference, Jan 25-27, 2012
  • A Report on the National Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Workshop 29-30 Mar 2011
  • Parent’s Alcohol Consumption Behaviors and their Children’s Alcohol Abuse: Evidence from Secondary Schools Students in Nairobi, 2010.
  • Role of School Environment in Alcohol and Drug Abuse among Students: Evidence from Public Secondary Schools in Nairobi, 2010
  • Alcohol Use in Central Province of Kenya: A Baseline Survey on the Magnitude, Cause and Effects from the Perspective of Community Members and Individual Users, 2010
  • The Role of Parents in Prevention and Control of Alcohol and Drug Abuse among their Children in Nairobi, 2010
  • Alcohol Use and HIV Infection in Nairobi Survey, June 2010
  • Rapid Situation Assessment of Drug and Substance Abuse in Kenya, 2007
  • Drug and Substance Abuse in Tertiary Institutions in Kenya: A Situational Analysis – 2006