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The Principal Administrative Secretary for The ministry of Interior and National Administration Ann Ng'etich who chaired the meeting receives a gift hamper from her host, NACADA CEO Dr. Anthony Omerikwa, MBS

NACADA hosts Standing Committee from The Ministry of Interior for Evaluation

The National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) on January 16th 2024, played host to the Ministerial Standing Committee on the Revitalization of Regulatory Authorities and Agencies under the leadership of the Principal Administrative Secretary Ms. Anne Ngétich. This was in a bid to evaluate and review the performance of the Authority in line with its mandate of fighting against alcohol and drug abuse.

The Standing Committee conducts an in-depth evaluation of agencies under the Ministry of Interior and National Administration to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness. This organizational performance review from the committee helps the agencies and authorities to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and also provides insights on how to recalibrate strategies to attain common goals and objectives.

NACADA’s Chief Executive officer, Dr. Anthony Omerikwa, MBS, expressed his gratitude to the committee as the highly successful meeting provided an opportunity to introspect on program implementation, while also providing a platform for Authority rejuvenation moving forward.

The meeting concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and collaboration, highlighting the ongoing commitment of both the Authority and the Ministry of Interior to address the multifaceted challenges posed by alcohol and drug abuse for the well-being of the nation.
NACADA assures the committee of its dedication to continuous improvement and the aligning of its efforts to national goals.