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Our Vision

A Nation free from alcohol and drug abuse.

Our Mission

To lead and coordinate the fight against alcohol and drug abuse through prevention, advocacy, policy development, research, treatment and rehabilitation programmes, and execution of relevant statutes in Kenya.

Help & Support

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Vision 2030

As a government institution, NACADA supports the attainment of Kenya’s Vision 2030. It recognizes the dangers that alcohol and drug abuse pose in society. It undertakes various flagship projects as part of its performance contract targets each financial year to mitigate the negative effects of drug abuse and ultimately contribute to the wellbeing of the society which in part will lead towards attaining Kenya’s Vision 2030.



Prescription Drugs

Substance Abuse |
What Is Prescription Drug Abuse? Prescription drug abuse is when someone takes a medication that was prescribed for someone else or takes their own prescription in a manner or dosage... Read More


Substance Abuse |
In Kenya, the current usage of tobacco products is 8.6% it is largely limited to males. Data shows that 16.8% of the males are current users of tobacco products. This... Read More


Substance Abuse |
Effects Immediate effects of alcohol on the brain and body The first few drinks affect judgment and reaction time. More alcohol causes reactions to become even more sluggish and delays... Read More

Inhalants and Solvents

Substance Abuse |
Within seconds of inhalation, the user experiences intoxication along with other effects similar to those produced by alcohol. Alcohol-like effects may include slurred speech, an inability to coordinate movements, dizziness,... Read More


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Never underestimate the ability of a recovering addict, because the power it takes to break the addiction is incomparable to any behavioural change. it involves changing a whole mental process in the individual..Their power in recovery endures all obstacles in life

Dont do Drugs.

Drugs Kill your talents,
Ruin your Careers,
Damage your dreams

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"It almost seems simple," she says. "Reduce the hours it can be sold, increase the price and limit advertising and marketing."

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Call our Helpline on 1192 free of charge, 24 Hours a day for help on alcohol and drug abuse. Call 1192