The management of NACADA is vested in a Board of Directors comprising of fifteen members including the Chief Executive Officer.

  1. A chairperson appointed by the President with the approval of the National Assembly, who shall be a person with experience in public affairs either in judicial service, public service or the private or voluntary sector;
  2. Five are Principal Secretaries from the Ministries of Interior and Coordination of National Government, National Treasury, Health, Education, Science and Technology, Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs;
  3. Head of the Anti-Narcotics Unit;
  4. Three appointed by the Cabinet Secretary from among healthcare providers, researchers, policy and legal practitioners, media and communication professionals, educationists, security, safety and environmental experts;
  5. One nominated by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board;
  6. Two nominated by the joint forum of religious organizations and appointed by the Cabinet Secretary;
  7. One person nominated by a most representative organization working with the youth and appointed by the Cabinet Secretary; and
  8. The Chief Executive Officer

The Board operates through four committees: Finance; Audit; Technical; and Staff and Welfare Committee.