Resource Centers/Libraries have served as pivotal institutions/units in facilitating and promoting information access. The role of Resource Centers/ Libraries is to gather, process, organize, store and facilitate easy access to relevant information in all formats to its actual and potential users/clients.

The NACADA Resource Centre as the National Repository of information and knowledge in alcohol and other drugs of abuse serves as the source for pursuit of independent thought, critical attitudes and in-depth information geared towards upholding, strengthening and realizing some of the most fundamental democratic ideas of our society.

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The Resource Centre is open and free of charge to both internal clients and general public

Working hours:

a) Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM…………………………….5:00 PM

b) The Resource Centre is closed over the weekend and Public Holidays


NSSF Building-Block A.

P.O Box 10774-00100

16th Floor; Western Wing



Services provided: